About us

Cleanliness Certification Center is the member of IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)
Member ID: 65547853

A set of professional activities of the Cleanliness Certification Center, represents the performance of professional audits and assessments of clean rooms at the level of internationally registered activities according to WIPO IR 018034457_01. (World Intellectual Property Organization)

We cooperate on science and research programmes with representatives of the
Technical University in Košice

Our systems for monitoring performance and clean areas verification are regularly examined by independent institutions

We perform analyses of clean areas and air inspections in close cooperation with prominent laboratories and with representatives of regional authorities of hygiene and public healthcare.

For several years, we intensively deal with problem of clean areas and clean zones. Our experts in the field of clean areas and technical cleanliness are available for you in the following areas:

Inspection activity

  • Performance of clean area audits
  • Validation of clean areas
  • Risk analysis – assessment of risks in clean areas.
  • Analysis of clean facilities (industry, hygiene, hospital and medical areas, cosmetics industry, food industry)
  • Analysis of contamination by means of defined methodology in accordance with the international standards
  • Performance of audits of cleanliness and clean areas – technical cleanliness, air quality inspection, sedimentation methods, etc.
  • Analysis of clean areas according to EN ISO 14644 and EN ISO 14698
  • Analysis of air in interiors – hygienic inspections.

Planning of clean areas:

  • Project studies
  • Process consulting
  • Plan examination (design examination)
  • Compliance with the international standards and regulations
  • Analysis of risk factors during the clean areas planning process


  • Expert surveillance
  • Inspection of installation and performance of clean areas

Qualification and capability

  • Education and expert preparation of personnel in accordance with the international standards

Minimise risks of contamination and keep your business under control