If we can reduce effect of technical pollution and creation of contamination,

we can provide requirements for functionality of components, safety and no-failure operation

Technical purity

Do you want to know if you meet the customer requirements for the technical cleanliness?

Do you want to know if your facility is correctly designed with regard to the requirements of the international standards ISO 16232 and VDA 19.2?

  • We can provide professional measurement and analysis of the Technical cleanliness according to the requirements of ISO 14644; ISO 16232 and VDA 19.2
  • We can provide you with the complete service for planning, introduction and analysis of risk factors influencing the technical cleanliness by means of licensed SW.

Increasingly complex technical systems have growing demand for sensitivity to foreign particles. If contamination is not sufficiently removed from the products, many errors could occur during installation, such as limitation of performance and durability, unwanted noise or even complete failure.

In case of requirements for product cleanliness, it is important to analyse and solve not only the individual defined cleanliness of products, but also potential factors of pollution, which could ultimately lead to devaluation of the whole production.

Thanks to the analysis of the technical cleanliness (Cleanliness audits – CAE®), we can provide, in real time and in real facilities, an analysis of critical areas in the processes by means of expert measurements, contamination collection in combination with licensed SW, which was specially developed for Analysis of technical cleanliness in processes.

Analysis of the technical cleanliness – Facility cleanliness audit

  • Electro-technical industry
  • Aircraft industry
  • Food industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Cybernetics, Robotics
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Inspection of installation and performance of clean areas
  • Performance of Audits of cleanliness and clean areas – technical cleanliness, air quality inspection, sedimentation methods, etc.
  • Clean area analysis according to EN ISO 14644 and EN ISO 16232, VDA 19.2

Qualification and capability

  • We offer education and expert preparation of personnel in accordance with the international standards and the requirements for the Technical cleanliness.